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As a local company, Belle Prairie Mutual Insurance Company provides personalized and timely service to all of our customers. Policies are processed the day they are received, and claims handling is conducted efficiently to get you your payment in as short of a time as possible. When you work with Belle Prairie, you are working one-on-one with qualified agents and representatives who have your best interests in mind. Below, please find more information about the products and protection we provide:

Home-Guard & Home-Guard Select

Protect your home with this all-inclusive policy. The Home-Guard package provides both property and liability coverage for owner-occupied city or town dwellings. All coverages will protect your home and personal property, as well as protect you from financial disaster that may arise from accidents or injuries occurring on your property. Learn more


FarMate provides protection for property on the entire farm, including a variety of options to fit any farming operation. The policy protects from financial disaster by covering your dwelling, personal property, farm service buildings, and farm personal property (machinery, livestock, grain, etc.). Several types of packages and discounts are available.
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Whether you are a farm owner or tenant, Farm-Guard provides complete liability coverage.
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Rented Dwelling Policy, Tenant Policy, Unit Owners Policy

Belle Prairie Mutual Insurance Company is proud to offer these products and protections.
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