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Founded in Pioneer Tradition

On December 20, 1873, a group of men met in Cropsey, Illinois to discuss the possibility of forming a company that would provide protection to their properties in case of fire or lightening damage. As these were great concerns during the late 1800s, the men felt a strong desire to procure this type of protection and offer it to other farmers and landowners in the area. On April 3, 1874, under an Act by the General Assembly, the company was allowed to incorporate and began under the name of Belle Prairie Farmers Township Mutual Fire Insurance Company.

With no capital, the company began writing policies in five townships in McLean and Livingston Counties, the first of which was issued on April 4, 1874. In order to get the company off the ground and provide protection, the original agents agreed to use their own money to finance the business, only to be reimbursed at the end of each year.

Today, Belle Prairie Mutual Insurance Company upholds the same values as our founding members. We believe in providing for and protecting the interests of our customers, as well as providing personalized and individualized service from people you know and trust.

After over 140 years of providing insurance services to the Central Illinois region, our licensing now extends to 26 counties.


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Belle Prairie Mutual Insurance Company provides personalized and timely service to all of our customers.
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Pioneer Tradition

Our rich history is based upon a "Pioneer Tradition" that goes back many generations.
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